Thursday, June 2, 2011


So here are some paragraphs in regards to the "C" we were talking about last Friday--how wishes aren't always just granted, sometimes you need to work to to grant them yourself.

1.) An ambitious young girl wishes all her life to become an artist, but she learns--along with an assistant wishgranter-- that dreams and wishes are not without hard work and dedication.

2.) A wishgranter's assistant holds out hope for a young aspiring artist when her wishes fall to the boss' deaf ears. Yet as time goes by, the assistant and the girl discover that wishes always come true to those who work to grant them.

3.) When a young girl's wish to become an artist is denied by the wishgranter, an industrious assistant refuses to give up on her. As the years go by, the wish granter's assistant saves her discarded wishes and waits. When her dream is finally realized through hard work, both the girl and the assistant realize that real dreamers grant their own wishes.

There are just some ideas, I tried to keep them as short as possible while still getting the point across. I do, personally, like the idea of the girl trying to "become" something, rather than just being lonely and needing a friend as I think it would be easier to show visually. I like the idea of her being an artist of sorts, but I am completely up for other ideas as well! Anyway, here are a few quick concepts of the girl I did:


  1. Pretty cool :D I like the second one on the top and the one at the lower right corner

  2. Noel, she's adorable. I like how you're exploring different body shapes, I'm kind of fond of the pudgy one hahahaha.

    I think the direction we take our story depends on whose story/narrative this is: the child or the little star creature. Once we decide on that, I think some of our decisions will be a bit easier.

  3. I love these designs, The girl in the middle with glasses is my favorite.

    I think this way Elle's story could be more about the wish granter.

    But, I am still sold on Tara's story.