Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another Story?

Hi everyone :]

So when we originally decided to go with the "wish on a star" type story, I really liked it because it has a lot of potential such as the "ooooh" factor when it all ties together in the end, the magicalness of it that you could only do with animation, and the cuteness factor...

I like the idea of wishes do come true, which I know isn't necessarily enough of a C to stand on its own... it's really more of a theme. But I think that with the right storytelling, we can integrate a C into that theme. What I've come up with is pretty much a "there's someone for everyone", and "don't judge a book by its cover" kind of message.

I've done a pretty rough animatic of my idea so far, but I've also written a script which contains a couple of things I didn't put in the storyboard yet. Those things are marked by ****. We still have about 40 seconds to work with, and a few parts can probably be made a little faster than what I have timed, so I think there is still room to squeeze in the parts that I didn't include yet.

Also, I thought it might be good to have the creature be ugly or scary (in a cute way to still be appealing)... and maybe for the little girl to have some aspect of her character that makes her unaccepted by other kids... that way her and the creature will compliment each other and it adds to the "don't judge a book by its cover" and the "someone for everyone" part of the story... those things are not included in the board so far though since the designs are so rough, but something to keep in mind...

 Anyway, please read / watch and let me know what you think :]

**** A little girl passes by the kitchen doorway of her home as a hushed discussion between her parents takes place. She clutches her teddy bear as they talk about their concern for their daughter not seeming to fit in/being able to make friends for whatever reason. (about 10-12 seconds)

The little girl continues outside and climbs up onto the swinging bench on her front porch. She looks up at the stars. She sees are particularly bright star. She takes a breath and then begins her wish, still hugging her bear.

"Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight... I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish, I wish tonight." (I have no idea if this poem is copyrighted or not, but we should maybe make up a similar verse if it is)

A shooting star zips through the sky. The camera follows the star as it flies over a mysterious world/land and rains sparkling stars down over it.

close-up on raining sparkles to reveal shining star-shaped lockets.

All the stars fall onto a long conveyor belt that is surrounded by creatures who are all quite large and majestic. The creatures are opening the lockets and sorting them.

One locket tumbles off onto the floor and pops open.

A small creature walks on stage. He is clearly the same species as the rest of the workers, but much smaller and "uglier" (in an appealing way. i.e. the beast) and mistakenly treads on the little star. He turns around and is surprised to see the little locket laying forgotten on the floor. He glances around then peers at the message written there.

"please send me a friend", it says on one side, with a glimmering picture of a little girl on the opposite side.

The little creature appears touched by the message and bends to pick up the little locket. As he reaches, a crowd of other creatures bustles past and knock the locket off-screen.

When the crowd passes, the little creature looks around for the locket and spots it on the other side of the conveyor belt.

He hurries after it, crawling under the belt to the other side of the area.

As the little creature peers out of the other end, a larger creature notices the locket on the floor and picks it up as the little creature watches.

The larger creature brings the star up to his face, opens it and reads it.

*** He laughs then looks down as the little creature tries to get his attention. (2-3 seconds)
*** The little creature gestures to the conveyor belt, asking that the locket be returned to the wish granting line. (2-3 seconds)

*** Seeing the little creature, the larger starts laughing even harder. He tosses the locket back and forth between his friends as the little creature tries to reach for it. Eventually they toss it into the "ungranted"/"Trash"/"no" box and they walk off laughing. (6-7 seconds)

The little creature marches over to the box and looks in to see the little locket laying all alone within. It's difficult for him to reach the locket because he's so short, so he has to pull himself up onto the edge of the box. He wobbles and falls into the box.

The creature shakes his head and picks up the locket, pleased with his success.

Suddenly, a shadow looms over the little creature. He looks up to see a larger creature closing up the box. He doesn't notice the little creature inside as he lifts the box and takes it to the edge of the world/wherever they dump the trash.

The little creature falls out of the box, still holding the little star. He falls faster and faster until he glows like a star and shoots back to earth.

The little girl sees the shooting star from where she was laying on the bench and sits up straight as it crashes into the ground. She leaps up from the chair and rushes down from her porch.

The little creature is laying in a star-shaped crater as the little girl approaches.

The little creature opens his eyes to see a figure standing over him from on the edge of the crater.

The little girl stares down at the creature then sets her teddy bear down for the first time, (symbolizing her transition from being alone.)

The little creature sits up as the little girl comes down towards him. He recognizes her as the little girl from the locket and feels horrible.

As the little girl comes to stand in front of him, the little creature looks down sadly, feeling ashamed of his looks and small stature. He offers the little locket back to her and shakes his head apologetically.

The little girl sees the locket and smiles suddenly. She wraps her arms around the little creature joyfully, thankful to have her wish granted.

Here are a few concepts I did as well.. but like I said, I think it might be more meaningful if we changed the design of the creature to something less sugary.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Story, Roles, and Links!

Some art from Tangled and Brittany Lee for inspiration.


There's is a little girl who wants to be a __________. But she sucks at it. She makes a wish.

The wish is retrieved by the wish creature, but the wishmaster dude says no. Instead of tossing it in the No bin, it decides to save the twinkling little wish.

We see the girl at different phases of her life, trying to get better at ________. She still wishes whenever she can for her dream to come true. The wishmaster keeps saying no, and the little creature keeps hoarding all of the ungranted wishes instead of throwing them away.

In the end, we see that the girl has become successful. The wishes are still stockpiled in the sky and at her moment of victory, the creature pushes them down and they rain down upon her.


So everyone can modify the story as they wish, but some things Pamela said to keep in mind are 1) Contain the story to one single escalating event. We want to make sure it is just about that one thing. 2) It cannot be more than 2 mins.

Right now our "C" is that sometimes you have to make your wishes come true on your own,

JOBS (as of now)

Main Focus Other Tasks

Noel*- Concept art, matte painting animation, lighting
Tara- Character artist modeling, texturing
Jenn* - Environment, texture character modeling, concept artist
Jay*- Environment, Lighting props, environment modeling
Marcos- Character modeling post-production
Julian- Animation character design
Campion- Animation post-production
Thomas*- Animation everything but unwrap/texturing
Elle- Animation, story props, whatever else

This is what I have down right now. if I got anything wrong, just let me know. I have *s by people who mentioned they might not be taking proj400 in the fall because of internships. Sadly, that's most of our environment people, so we may have to work something out there.

I forwarded these links from Pamela earlier, but I figured I would post them all here too:

*NEW* Dear Sophie (for time lapse)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"I wish I could be a ballerina." "NO!"

So I love our story, but I want her to be a ballerina. An artist seems too typical and generic coming from a bunch of artists. But anyways heres an idea for what I was thinkin' for the girl (even though i suck at drawing) and the big wish granter dude. I imagine him pointing with his thing on his head to the not granted pile.

Ariana (idk random name) wants to be a ballerina in the nutcracker. She wishes and wishes for it, but through perseverance and hard work, she reaches her goal on her own.

Friday, May 27, 2011


This is from a short Pixar has in production. I really like the style. Anyone have any concept sketches or thoughts on style?

Saturday, May 14, 2011