Friday, February 18, 2011

New take on story

Please leave comments about ideas for the beats

Story Beats & Preliminary "C"
Girl and Boy isolated

· Close Minded
· Provoke
· Retaliation
· Blending Imaginary worlds
· Face off
· Boy and Girl pulling on the boy’s animal
· Animal rips in two
o Back to Reality
· Fix Animal

The World expands when you open up to friendship

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Working on the Story

Here is where we are at with the story:

Boy and pirate Monkey
Girl and princess Bunny

Whose story is it?

How to get from A-C?
Boy's imagination is interrupted
Monkey steals Bunny's crown with hook
Girl is dragged into Boy's world
Chase through the "playground"
Boy drops Monkey
Girl grabs Crown, Boy grabs Monkey
Pull back and forth
Monkey's arm rips off
Boy is sad
Girl uses Bunny's ribbon to tie Monkey's arm back on

Why are we telling the story?
Its an important message on how two unlikely friends compromise and learn to be friends and play along.
Whats the point?What are we trying to say?
To accept others for their differences, friendship brings great joy
What does the boy want?
Adventure, Control, Treasure
How do we want the audience feel?
"Awwww, how sweet. So cute! Let's watch it again!"

Beats to change in and out of the imaginary world:

Open with epic imaginary ocean scene
Girl interrupts imagination to bring back to reality
Chase sequence begins and they run off into their imaginary world
Monkey's arm rips, bringing them back to reality
They walk off together in their imaginary world