Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Story Idea and Old Sketches

Sorry guys, I've been out of town so I know this is all coming late. Obviously we really need to have a talk about story, and everyone is going in different directions. I was working on a story in response to the early critique that our story was less magical and didn't show enough of the wish process. I think there are strong aspects to all the stories and we need to put them together better. There are things I really like about Tara's story, but I feel like the theme of our other story more. This story is rough, and I'm not sure if it's the direction we want to go in, but it would showcase more wish stuff.

A kid makes a wish and it shoots into the sky. We see the wish collectors gathering the wishes and sending of through the processing line. A wish creature steps away from the rest and opens a little box. In it is his own wish. He looks on it with affection. A loud noise startles him and he sees the discarded wishes from somewhere higher up getting released and fading away. In fear, he covers up his own wish and tucks away. But in his haste, the wish falls out and he turns around a sees another creature collect it up. He doesn't want his wish to get discarded so he chases after it. The wish travels through the line, with him trying to retrieve it. We can show how wishes are assessed here. Maybe they are weighed for value, inspected like diamonds for purity, etc... He finally catches up with it a grabs it just as he gets to the granter. The granter holds out his hand to look at it, but the creatures see the discard vent and retreats. As he turns he looks at his wish. He finally decides to be brave and give it to the granter. I don't know if it gets granted or not, or what it is yet.

The theme in this story is something like: You never get the chances you don't take. Like I said, I was trying to present more of the fantasy of the world, and use the creature more, because that was the major criticism of the last story.

I was going to do boards and stuff, but I feel a little out of touch with what we want to do with our story, so I think we should have a honest discuss about it today. Here are some old sketches:

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