Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chicken scratch and wishing star bogs.

And then Jenn lost her rights to post on the blog.

So I had an inane thought while pondering upon our story: how does one collect wishing stars?  I mean, shooting stars are pretty dangerous and I wager that they don't conveniently slow down prior to landing.  So how to does one safely gather them in one location to be sort out orderly?  And then cranberry bogs came to mind.  And it went downhilll from there.

Wish star bogs?  The idea was so distracting that I vomited this out.

Oh right, story.

A young child has a dream to become something/someone.  The child makes a wish to see this dream come true.  The wish travels in the form of a star to a wish granting factory, where decisions are made to which wishes come true and which ones do not.  The child's wish is denied.  Over the years, the child continues to make his/her wish, never losing hope to have his/her dream come true.  Though the child's wish is denied every time when made, the child continues to move forward, determined despite setbacks, learning and honing his/her skills.  Finally, the child, now an adult achieves what he/she has always dreamed of, through his/her own perseverance.



  1. AWESOMEEEEEEEE! I love this idea about the wishing star bog. (just imagine the splashes, waves and steam) Anyways little creatures wearing pants in the bog, or they fly around and pick up floating stars. MAYBE the granted wishes FLOAT! And the others sink, and one creature drops something and finds the wish underwater! WHOA!

    I love the designs too. I imagined the world bright and happy before, but when I posted the music under Tara's post it kinda had a darker tone, and I like that for her story, until the end, its happier.

    ps. I hate you, wish I could draw

  2. Ffffff no, the action doesn't take place in the bog, the stars still go to a factory/other (dry) location to be sorted out where our little star creature finds it. I like it if a story has a bit of explanation to how things work in the story's world, just to ground it a bit even if the setting is fantastical. Which is where the wish star harvesting bog came from lol (or I'm just crazy, take your pick).

    I do think it's interesting if some of the stars sink to the bottom and never are collected. Perhaps wishes that are not strong enough?

  3. just to re-emphasize this idea is GENIUS